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Do you want to find a new place where you can enjoy the best live music? Or do you just want to discover new artists and follow them in their performances?

Our music app lets you do both with ease.

Find the best music events in your city

With our app, you will always find the best concerts near you. From small venues to large concert halls, our geolocation technology always shows you the events that are happening near you.


Follow your favorite artists and never miss their concerts

Follow your favorite artists to always be aware of their upcoming performances or if you are an artist create your own profile. Discover new bands and emerging artists that are making the most popular venues in your city vibrate.

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Discover new live music venues and expand your musical horizons

Live music venues are magical places that vibrate with the energy of music and art. These venues offer a unique and unforgettable experience for music lovers, as they allow you to enjoy live concerts in an intimate and authentic atmosphere.

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Do you have a live music venue and want to reach a wider audience?
Our live music app is the perfect solution for you! By joining our platform, you will be able to reach an audience that is passionate about live music and connect with new fans and followers.
How many cities does KITOK work in?

KITOK was born this June and will initially be available only on the island of Menorca. Starting in October we will begin to land on the other islands and in other Spanish cities, hoping to reach most of the big cities Spain and Europe in the shortest possible time.

How can I create an account in KITOK?

In order to enjoy all the benefits of our app you must log in with your Google account, Apple account or via email and a password.

How can I change my profile data?

Within the "Profile" section, you will see the settings icon located at the top right. You can change your language, your preferred musical styles, as well as your personal data such as username and email.

How can I change my location?

In all sections of the platform you have a location icon located at the top right. Search for events in different locations to schedule your trips! You can also modify the location in the "Profile" section.

Can I save my favorite events, artists and venues?

Sure! In our app you can save your favorite events, artists and venues. Just tap the save icon on events (like on Instagram 😉) or tap the heart icon on venues and artists. You will have all these profiles saved in the "Profile" section and you will receive notifications when they have events for you.

Will KITOK inform me of changes that may arise in an event?

Well, yes! We have arrived to make it easier for you to be informed in detail about your favorite events! If you click on the "attend" button at an event, you will see that it will be saved in the section "Profile" as your next plans. Any change that the event undergoes (schedule, cancellation, ...) we will notify you with a notification. Ohh and we will send you a reminder the day before the event so that you do not forget to enjoy your plan!!!

I am an Artist, can I create an event if the venue is not yet on the KITOK platform?

Well, yes! You can have all your programming in the profile, even if the place where you are going to perform your concert is not yet on the platform. Just put the name of the place and add its address from the search engine when you create your event.

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